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Deb Hoelmer

Our school, Waseca Junior High School, began a school-wide project two years ago. We purchase a book that ALL students and staff read together over the course of a few weeks. Discussions, mixed with a variety of grade level projects are utilized to get interdisciplinary curriculum objectives to be met. Our question to you is to ask if you make school visits and present to students, staff, and community members. If so, what are your costs? We would be purchasing at least 400 books from you for our all school reading project. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Deb Hoelmer
Waseca Junior High Media Specialist

John Baker 6th Grade Book Review Writer

I loved Toby Wheeler and I have to do a book review on it. I am struggling on the paragraphs on you I would like to know when you were born and important dates in your career.

thanks so much


Just got your book from Grandpa! Greetings from Amsterdam!

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